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About e4 Environmental - Fully Licensed Asbestos Removal Company

At e4 Environmental we are experts in all methods of removing and encapsulating hazardous asbestos materials in a safe and regulated manner. We are working in our 12th year as licensed asbestos removal contractors, and have excellent expertise in the area.

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Covering asbestos removal projects nationwide, there is no task we have undertaken without success. From skyscrapers in city centres to warehouses in the country, we have conducted asbestos removal works of all scales.

E4’s core values are based around building lasting relationships, and many of our customers come back to us as for all their asbestos removal requirements as their chosen trusted contractor. Projects we work on are across a variety of sectors including; City Councils, Schools, Demolition, Construction and homeowners to name just a few. To see a full list of services please click here. Whichever category your project fits into, we are always able to help find a solution.

If works are notifiable to the Health & Safety Executive this will be subject to a 14-day notification period plus planning time. If works are non-notifiable, we can often fit you in within a couple of weeks of first contact. Please read more here about the different types of removal works & the HSE guidelines.

Our head office is based in Sheffield with a small team of dedicated individuals, and you will always receive a personal service from all of our employees.

Core Values

  • Health & safety – sticking to strict HSE guidelines
  • Environmental impact – minimal as possible
  • Building lasting relationships with clients
  • Delivering successful projects time after time

Certificates & Accreditations

We are proud to hold many certificates & accreditations, and below you can see a full list and download copies of our current certificates as PDF documents.

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We are also on hand for emergency call-outs, for those unexpected issues that may occur when you least expect them, we are an excellent team of forward-thinking, problem-solvers able to act fast!

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Asbestos Removal Services

At e4 Environmental we offer a range of services. These are categorised into four main areas, and we can offer advice on any aspect of Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation. Click...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get asked are answered below for you! For further information give us a...

Q: How many types of asbestos are there?

Asbestos has two sub-categories; Serpentine and Amphibole, defined by their difference in fibre qualities. In the Serpentine category is Chrysotile (also known as White asbestos) with S-shaped fibres. In the Amphibole category is; Crocidolite (Blue asbestos), Amosite (Brown asbestos) and also lesser-known Anthophyllite, Tremolite and Actinolite, all with straight fibres. To learn more about the history of asbestos, read our blog

Q: What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occuring mineral, which was produced through mining. It has incredibly strong, heat-resistant properties which is why it was used for so many things. To learn more about what is asbestos, read our blog post here

Q: Why is asbestos hazardous to my health?

The fibres of the asbestos materials are long, thin strands that are very small. When inhaled, these fibres latch on to your lungs and organs and when built up over time can cause Asbestosis or Mesothelioma, both fatal and incurable diseases. For further information on why asbestos can be dangerous, read our blog.

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